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Bangeek's Survival Guide: Your Hero

Chapter I: The Basics
Chapter II: Oases
Chapter III: Adventures

Chapter I: The Basics

Welcome back everyone! This month we're going to teach you how to use your hero. Now of course, we realize that you're now being bombarded with a lot of new information about your hero and such. First thing is first, TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND RELAX!

If you look in the top right hand corner of your screen, you should see something like:


The picture of the guy you see there is your hero. If you click him, you will be brought to a new screen:


As you can see, you have a lot of options here. The first page that it lands on is the attributes page.

Towards the top, you have the options to distribute your hero's points, which can be earned from leveling up; you can change the resource production of your hero; different information about his health, where he is currently, as well as his experience. But towards the bottom of this first page, you see a fresh picture of your hero:


On the left side, you see what is currently equipped to your hero, each box representing where an item can go. On the right side, what is in your inventory? If you wish to equip something to your hero you can either drag it to where it goes, or simply click it.

You also see a very important piece of information that says "If checked, your hero will not defend the village he currently belongs to." If your hero is low on health, or you just don't want him to defend, check this box. Uncheck it if you want him to defend.

In the new T4 Hero System, you can also change your hero's appearance. Do so by clicking the second tab at the top of this page.

Thus bringing you to this page:


You have several different options you can choose from. If you click one of the green arrows (one is circled for you in my picture) it will open the drop down menu with the options to change your hero's appearance. I opened the eyes option just to show you. Pick what you want, and click save. Or if you can't decide, click "random" and it will randomly pick options. Either way once you find a combination you like, click "save".

Let's move on to the next tab you see, the Adventures page:


As you can see, I've got a few adventures here. All of them happen to be over an hour away. The adventures are arranged in the order that they are spawned, which can be reflected in the "time left" column. I have adventures ranging from 5hrs to 138hrs until they delete. Select one you'd like to do, and click To the adventure. On the next page click "start adventure".

Adventures are like miniquests for your hero. You can gain experience, items, resources, or even military forces. Under the "Danger" column, you see two different symbols. The one that looks like a map with a red "X" on it is a normal difficulty, and the skull and crossed bones is a hard adventure.

The duration column is how long the adventure's travel time is, one way. And the place column is where the adventures take place.

Alternatively, you can click the picture of the piece of paper with the "X" on it beside your hero to be brought to this page straight off.

The next tab to the right is the Auctions tab, a new part of T4. If you click this tab, you will go to this page:


Yes, this page continues on towards the bottom. This page will also be covered more in depth in our guide about the auctions specifically. In this edition, we're going to go over everything briefly.

At the top you have a lot of options to refine what you're looking for and to do. Starting with the top, you have three sub tabs: Buy, Sell, and Bids. If you wish to buy something, click the "Buy" tab, which is the default tab it starts at when you open this page. If you wish to sell something, click the "Sell" tab. And if you have placed a bid on an item and wish to check its status, click the "Bids" tab.

Alternatively, you can also click the picture of the gavel beside your hero's picture to go straight to the auctions page.

If you hero dies, click his picture. You will be brought back to his attributes page, where you will find the option to revive him.

So in T4, there are many advantages to the new hero system. For starters, you now have a hero when you first start off, and if when your BP wears off, you'll have some defenses.

However, there are a lot of questions that are frequently asked:

How much can a hero carry?
- A hero can carry nothing at all.

Do heroes show up in battle reports?
- Yes, they do.

Can I see the skills of a hero in the battle report?
- No, this is impossible.

What is the maximum level of a skill?
- The maximum level is 100 per skill.

Is it possible to defend one village with multiple heroes?
- Yes, but the defence bonus only applies to troops of the player who owns the hero giving the bonus.

When does a hero lose hit points?
- Almost every time you attack someone as the base defence (palace + wall) is enough to inflict at least some damage.

Can a hero be used as sole defender or attacker in a combat?
- Yes, but this is not advised as a hero will die if he receives more than 90 damage (or loses more than 90 hit points) in a single battle.

How is the experience of a hero calculated?
- Each opposing dead soldier (experience/exp = upkeep of the dead soldier) in a battle where a hero took part is added as experience. See the table above for a clear listing how much experience/kills you need to gain another level.

Does a hero get experience when he dies in a battle?
- Yes, he does.

How is the experience divided when there are several defending heroes?
- It is divided evenly between the heroes.
Example: If there are 3 heroes, each one would get 1/3 of the experience.

Does a hero get improved by upgrades done in the smithy?
- No, they do not influence a hero at all, regardless of when the upgrade has been done.

When can I start occupying oases?
- You need a hero's mansion level 10, 15 or 20 for each oasis you want to occupy.

How many heroes can you have at a time?
- Each player can only have one hero. If this hero dies, the player will have the option to revive it.

Can I move my hero to another village of mine and use him from there to attack?
- Yes, as long as the village you move him to has a hero's mansion.

What happens to the skills and experience when I revive a hero?
- Apart from the hero having 100% hit points again, he will be the same as before he was killed, he'll lose neither skills nor experience.

What is my hero's regeneration rate?

- It is 10 per day by default. It can be enhanced by items though.

Do I still get the items if my hero dies on an adventure?
- No.

Where can I change my hero settings?
- In the right upper corner you see the picture of your hero. If you click on it a page with the hero attributes opens.
There you can change your hero settings like the resource production.

What kind of unit is the hero treated as? Cavalry or infantry?
- The hero count as cavalry in case he is equipped with a horse and as infantry in case he is not equipped with a horse.

Do I lose my items if my hero dies?
- No.

Am I able to name my hero?
- No.

How can I revive my hero?
- If your hero died just open your hero settings. There you have the possibility to revive him - all you need is enough resources or a bucket to do so. It can be revived by items though.

Does a hero's fighting strength count for both offence and defence?
- Yes.

What does "Your hero will not defend the village he currently belongs to." in my hero's settings mean?
- This means that he will not participate in the defence of the village that he is currently at. However, if you've sent your hero as a reinforcement to another player's village or your own village which doesn't have the hero's mansion constructed, he will defend it even though the function is enabled.

What is the resurrection/revival time for my hero?
- (level+1) hours, maximum 24 hours

My hero always dies. What can I do?
- You need to level him in fighting strength to avoid this.

Can the items like ointment be stolen from my hero?
- No.

Is there any way to trade or send items between players or inside the alliance?
- No.

What do I need to control my hero from another village?
- Your own hero can be controlled from the village if a hero's mansion level 1 is build.

How is the speed of my hero calculated?
- The formula is: speed = speed unit * speed bonus hero (hero + items) * artefact bonus
Tip: The standard works only between alliance members and the boots work for all targets. If he is travelling between alliance members he gets the bonus for boots AND standard otherwise he will only get the bonus for boots.

Taken from the Travian Answers page:

One more question we get frequently is how to use your hero at one of your other villages. Well before you do anything, you need to construct a hero's mansion in the other village you wish to use him from. Then you send your hero to the other village, and send him on attacks like normal. ***VERY IMPORTANT*** In order for your hero to be usable at the different village, your hero's mansion needs to be completed before the hero gets there. If not, send your hero back to the village he came from, then to the village you wish to use him.

Chapter II: Oases

In Travian we have these very useful things called oases. In this chapter we're going to teach you how to use them. They act like mini-villages in that they produce goods and Nature troops when they are unoccupied, however, unlike a village, you cannot build anything in the oasis. If you capture one, the bonus applies to the village that captures it. Each village you own may have three oases. BUT in order to capture an oasis, you'll need a Hero's Mansion.

Go to your village overview, click one of your empty building squares, and then build your hero's mansion up to level 10 in order to conquer your first oasis.

1st Oasis requires Hero's Mansion Level 10
2nd Oasis requires Hero's Mansion Level 15
3rd Oasis requires Hero's Mansion Level 20

In order to capture an oasis, and you have meet the Hero's Mansion requirements, you'll need to send troops to clear out any defenders, and send your hero on a separate attack right behind to capture.
The oasis MUST be in the 7x7 of the attacking village.


Above you see a picture of my map. The blue square that I have outlines the 7x7 of my village. The easiest way to figure out if an oasis is within your 7x7, start at your village. Count three tiles in each of the coordinal directions (red arrows). 3 squares to the East (right) 3 squares to the West (left) plus your village equals 7 (3+3+1=7). Do the same thing North (up) and South (down). In T4, your standard map view is a 7x9 (HxW) so if it makes it easier, you can always remember that the column on the edge of the map on either side is the extra (outside the blue outline).

In my map above, you'll see that I do indeed have one oasis in my 7x7:


You can tell that its an oasis because of the wheat/iron symbol in the top right hand corner of the picture. The symbols for lumber are trees, clay is a rather orange clay looking object. If I were to conquer the oasis in my 7x7, it would provide a 25% iron bonus, and a 25% crop bonus.

Just as you can take an oasis from another player, they can do the same to you! If your oasis is captured, then you lose the benefits! If you wish to get rid of an oasis, you go to your hero's mansion. There should be a tab called expansion, if you go under here, there it will list all of your oases from that village. There should also be a red "X" beside each one. Click this to remove it.

Chapter III: Adventures

As part of the new hero system in T4 (Travian Version 4.0), you can now send your hero on adventures, almost like mini quests for your hero. Only your hero goes on these, and will gain experience, resources, troops, valuable items, or nothing from these. In earlier parts of this guide (walk through of the tasks) we've already explained how to go on an adventure. But in case you missed it, we will explain again, and in more detail.

Go to your adventures page:


As you can see, I only have a couple of adventures. Select one you wish to go on by clicking "To the adventure". That will take you to this screen (I've selected two different ones. The top one is if the adventure is in an abandoned valley and the bottom is if it is in an oasis.


Click "start adventure" which will take you to this screen:


Since your hero is the only troop that can go on adventures, it will already preselect him and all you have to do is confirm. Again, click "Start adventure". Once this has been done, it will take you to your rally point, where you will be able to see the outgoing attack:


As you notice, in the bottom right hand corner of the attack, there is a white box with a red "X". If you click this, it will cancel the adventure/attack. I'm going to cancel my adventure, as my hero is close to being dead from doing adventures. But not to worry, I've saved a battle report to show you. Once your attack lands, you will get a battle report. Go to your reports screen:


The one we're looking, I've outlined in with the blue box (hint: new reports will always be marked as such).

Click your new report. I will use my outlined one as an example:


Once again, I've outlined the important part with the blue box. Here you see two very pieces of information. Beside "information" you'll see that from this adventure I gained 16 experience points, but lost 2% health. This takes effect to your hero immediately. The next piece of info you see is labeled "Bounty". This is what your hero is bringing back to your village. From this particular adventure I got 785 of each resource. To a new and growing village, this is very valuable.

In your first ten adventures, pretty much every gets the following:

  • nothing but experience
  • Horse
  • resources
  • silver
  • Troops (basic unit of own tribe, 3 units to be exact)
  • a number of cages
  • a book of wisdom
  • a number of ointments

The order you get them, however is random. The rest of your adventures you will get one of the following:

  • Nothing (except damage and experience)
  • Armour/Weapon (any level of quality possible)
  • Equipment
  • Silver
  • Resources
  • Scattered troops

What you get from adventures is random. Your raids, troops, population etc. has no effect on what spawns for you.

It's also very important to remember that your adventure spawn rate is predetermined. At activation you get 3 adventures.

In addition you get on a 1x speed server:

  • day 1 - 3: 3 adventures each day
  • day 4 - 7: 2 adventures each day
  • day 8 - 21: 1.2 adventures each day
  • day 22 - end of server: 0.6 adventures each day

As a 3x speed server is running 3 times as fast you would receive the adventures 3x faster as on a 1x speed server:

  • day 1/3 - 3/3: 3 adventures each 1/3 day (=8 hours)
  • day 4/3 - 7/3: 2 adventures each 1/3 day
  • day 8/3 - 21/3: 1.2 adventures each 1/3 day
  • day 22/3 - end of server: 0.6 adventures each 1/3 day

The day count starts from account activation, NOT from the server start. So, during first 24 hours there are 6 adventures to be done. The spawn is semi-random within the day, so it can be you get 9 adventures at first 30 hours, and after that you have to wait 30 hours to get 10th adventure.

Special thanks to:
The Travian T4 Answers
Tschena, COM Admin

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