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Rally Point

Rally Point

Prerequisites: none

Your village's troops meet here. From here you can send them out to conquer, attack, raid or reinforce other villages.

The rally point can only be built on the curved area just below your main building.

Please note that you can mark one of rally point tabs as favourite.

When trying to launch an attack or raid on a player who is a member of your alliance or a member of a confed or a member in an alliance with a non aggression pact, you will get a notice.

When sending an attack with catapults, the target aimed on gets shown in the rally point. Depending on the rally point's level you can choose different targets with the catapults:

  • At level 1 only random
  • At level 3, 5 and 10 the variety of possible targets grows
  • At level 10 every building but the cranny, the stonemason's lodge and the trapper can be targeted
  • At level 20 and at least 20 catapults you can choose 2 targets out of the same possibilities as at level 10
  • Note that all targets from previous levels can still be targeted with later levels!
Rally point level 1 Rally point level 3 Rally point level 5 Rally point level 10
Random Warehouse Bakery Academy
  Granary Brickyard Barracks
    Clay pit Brewery
    Cropland Embassy
    Grain mill Great barracks
    Iron foundry Great granary
    Iron mine Great stable
    Sawmill Great warehouse
    Woodcutter Hero's mansion
      Horse drinking trough
      Main building
      Rally point
      Tournament square
      Trade office
      Wonder of the World

Rally Point Tabs

You have 5 different tabs if you open your rally point:

  • Management: On this page you can upgrade your rally point or activate/deactivate the troop evasion (this is a Gold club feature).

  • Overview: This page gives you an overview about all troop movements in your village. You will find there 4 buttons at the right upper corner which give you the opportunity to filter for incoming troops, outgoing troops, troops stationed in this village or oases and troops stationed in other villages or oases.

  • Send troops: On this page you can send troops away.

  • Combat Simulator: You can use the combat simulator to calculate your loses in a specific battle. A detailed explanation about the combat simluator you can find here.

  • Farm List: Farm lists are a Gold club feature; therefore you only see this tab in case you have activated the Gold club. A detailed explanation about farm lists you can find here.

Troop Movement Limits

See our Troop Overview article for information on troop movement limitations.

Incoming attack/raid

You can mark an incoming attack/raid with different colour-codes. In addition each header will also be colour-coded to improve the overview.

The colour-codes for the header are:

  • Red = Opposing attack or raid
  • Green = Incoming reinforcements and returning troops
  • Yellow = Outgoing troop movements
  • Purple = Incoming troop movements on an oasis connected to this village (not shown in the above picture)
  • White = Troops stationed in your own or other villages and oases

In addition to the village name, you will be able to see the coordinates of the village sending an attack, raid or reinforcements.

If the number of all units within an attack/raid is lower than the current Rally Point level of the defending village, the defender will see the unit types approaching his village. He will not see the exact numbers, but the unit types only. In the image above you can see approaching Phalanxes. No other unit types are approaching within that attack or the following raid.

The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs and generated culture points) can be found here.
For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed, this link for server with 2x speed and this link for server with 3x speed.

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