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Fire and Sand - Forwarding Troops

Forwarding support troops is a feature available in the 2017 special, Fire and Sand. It allows alliance members to directly forward troops received as support to a different village, all within the same alliance. This feature is free.

How to forward troops

You need to do the following:

  • Open the Rally Point in the village where the units are stationed as support.
  • In the overview tab, find the troops you want to forward.
  • Click the "forward" link, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Choose the target village, change the amount of troops if required and confirm the order.

Additional information

  • You can forward only troops you received from another member of your alliance or your own troops that were sent from another village.
  • You can only forward troops to a village belonging to a member of your alliance (including yourself).
  • During the movement, forwarded troops consume crop from the village they began the movement at, not from their home village.
  • Forwarded troops travel at the speed determined by their home village bonuses (e.g. from Tournament Square).

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