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Town Hall

Town Hall

Prerequisites: Main Building Level 10, Academy Level 10

You can hold pompous celebrations in the town hall. Such a celebration increases your culture points. Building up your town hall to a higher level will decrease the length of the celebration.

Culture points are necessary to found or conquer new villages. Each building produces culture points, the higher its level the more it produces. With celebrations you can increase this production for a short while.

The celebrations give the culture points directly after you initiated a celebration. After a celebration, there is a cool-down time (see table below). Furthermore a small celebration grants the culture points production of the village where the Town Hall is located up to a maximum of 500 on 1x and 2x speed servers and 250 on 3x speed servers, and a great celebration grants the account-production of culture points up to 2000 on 1x and 2x speed servers and 1000 on 3x speed servers.

The small celebration grants only culture points but the great celebration even affects the effectiveness of senators, chiefs and chieftains. The great celebration increases the lowering of the target village's loyalty by up to 5% per chief/chieftain/senator. The same happens the other way around when the attacked village holds a great celebration.

Celebrations Costs and Outcome
Town Hall Level   Lumber Clay Iron Crop
1 Small celebration 6400 6650 5940 1340
10 Great celebration 29700 33250 32000 6700

The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs and generated culture points) can be found here.
For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed, this link for server with 2x speed and this link for server with 3x speed.

Celebrations Cool-Down Time
  speed: 1x
Town Hall Level Small celebration Great celebration
 1 24:00:00 n.a.
 2 23:08:10 n.a.
 3 22:18:11 n.a.
 4 21:30:01 n.a.
 5 20:43:34 n.a.
 6 19:58:48 n.a.
 7 19:15:39 n.a.
 8 18:34:03 n.a.
 9 17:53:56 n.a.
 10 17:15:17 43:08:11
 11 16:38:00 41:35:01
 12 16:02:05 40:05:12
 13 15:27:27 38:38:36
 14 14:54:03 37:15:08
 15 14:21:52 35:54:40
 16 13:50:50 34:37:06
 17 13:20:56 33:22:20
 18 12:52:06 32:10:15
 19 12:24:18 31:00:45
 20 11:57:30 29:53:46

The formula for speed server is: cool-down time = cool-down time on 1x speed server / ( RoundDown (speed / 3) +1 )
Example: The cool-down time on a 1x speed server for a small celebration on a level 1 Town Hall is 24 hours. The cool-down time on a 3x speed server is 12 hours therefore:
         24 / ( RoundDown (3 / 3) +1 ) = 24 / (1 + 1) = 24 / 2 = 12

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