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The Romans

The Romans


Because of its high level of social and technological development the Romans are masters at building and its coordination. Also, their troops are part of the elite in Travian. They are very balanced and useful in attacking and defending.

To guarantee this variety the Roman troops are trained for a very long time and their training is expensive. Their infantry is a living legend, but their defence against enemy cavalry isn't as good as that of the other tribes. The amount of resources a Roman merchant is able to carry is very low.

Because they are weak at the beginning of the game, they are a bad choice for beginners.

The differences:

  • Can raise or extend a building and resource field simultaneously.
  • High defence bonus due to the city wall
  • Merchants can carry 500 units of resources (speed: 16 fields/hour)
  • Very powerful infantry, average cavalry
  • Development is expensive and takes a long time.
  • Additional building: horse drinking trough

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