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Hero settings

Once you click on your hero’s avatar (located to the right of the screen), you will be taken to a new page containing various hero options. We will address the first tab on this page, which contains basic hero options – you can find explanations about the other tabs on the answers page.

This tab is dubbed ‘Attributes’ and the first thing you will see on this tab are general information about the hero:

  • The village your hero is currently at will be shown.
  • Below you will see whethe´r your hero hides during an attack or takes part.
  • Then you will see is your hero’s health bar – hovering over it will open an info-box containing information on the hero’s regeneration rate.
  • Below you will see its experience bar – once the meter reaches the top, your hero has gained a level. At the beginning of the bar, a number is shown; this number tells you how many experience points your hero has gained so far. Additionally, if you hover over the bar, you can see how far your hero has advanced towards the next level in percentages as well as the number of experience points he needs to get there.
  • The next bar will show you your hero’s speed. This value is always shown as fields per hour. Note that the Gallic hero has a speed bonus as its special trait (+5 speed if mounted). 
    Beneath this you will find the current resource production of your hero.

Below the general information you will find the special part for ‘Attributes’. You need to click on it to show the hidden information:

The first section allows you to change the hero’s resource production. You have several options available to you. Namely, you can choose whether you want to center your production on just one type of resource or whether you want to produce all resources. Note that the amount the hero will produce is lower in case you choose just one resource instead letting him produce all resources. However, in the latter case, you will get a bonus on all resources (albeit smaller than if you’ve selected just one). The table will also show you how much of a bonus the hero will give.

Afterwards there is a small checkbox beneath your hero’s avatar. If the first box is checked, then that means your hero is ‘hidden’ – he will not participate in the defense of your village if it is attacked. Otherwise, if the second box is checked, the hero will defend the village. Note that your hero will still give you the resource bonus if the box is checked, but he will not give his defense bonus.

The next thing you will see on this tab in fact the hero attributes:

  • Fighting strength – determines the overall fighting strength of your hero.
  • Off bonus – determines your hero’s offense bonus. The off bonus applies to the troops which accompany your hero in battle.
  • Def bonus – determines your hero’s defense bonus. The def bonus applies to your defending troops (the village there they come from is unimportant) when the hero is also defending alongside them.
  • Resources – Determines your hero’s resource production.

Hovering with your cursor over each of the attribute lines will open a small info-box with some additional information.

By gaining experience with your hero, through battles or adventures, you also gain hero levels; each new level will give you 4 points which you can distribute among the 4 hero attributes. It’s up to you to decide what type of hero you need; generally, it is advisable to give a bit of attention to fighting strength, especially in the beginning. Fighting strength makes your hero more durable and powerful; he will not die as easily. You can always rearrange the attribute points later in the game, but you need a hero item to do it (Book of Wisdom).

There are some differences with fighting strength based on tribes – Roman heroes have greater fighting strength per point awarded and they are also granted a larger starting fighting strength. The fighting strength increases by 80 points per level (or by 100 points per level for Romans).The off and def bonuses increase by percentages and the resource production increases by one point per level, which will lead to a corresponding increase in the resources the hero produces.


Below the set of tables, you can see your hero’s avatar to the left and the hero’s bag (inventory) to the right. Items you’ve bought or collected will be kept in the inventory – to equip them, you need to either double click them or drag them to their appropriate place on your hero. The free inventory slots will expand once the existing ones are filled, so there’s no need to worry about space. The bottom of the inventory holds two links which will lead you to the auctions: buy items and sell items.

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