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Bandgeeks Guide for Beginners: New Villages

Welcome back! As you've probably already noticed, you can setup several villages in the game of Travian. And lemme guess, you've been asking yourself "Well how do I get more villages?" Glad you asked! That's exactly what we're going to go over in this addition of the Guide!

Now, if you'll remember and think back to one of the final tasks from the Taskmaster, you had to found your second village. But that's not where the fun stops! If you take a look at some of the top players in Travian, some players have upwards of 40 villages! This is possible by the use of the Residence and Palace in the game. The Taskmaster covered Settlers, so in this guide we're going to cover administrators in game (Senators, Chiefs and Chieftains).

WARNING: Administrators are not usually a newb's ideal choice to acquire a new village! Not only are they costly to produce, but the armies that go along with it are costly to build and maintain!

The first step is to level a Palace or Residence to level 10 (twenty if you've already founded/conquered a village). The next step is that you have to upgrade your Academy to level 20 and your Rally Point to level 5 for Teutons (level 10 for Gauls and Romans). The next step is you need a sizable force in order to conquer a village. This force has to be big enough to kill off the defending troops, and preferably to destroy their troop producing capabilities.

Once all of this is done, there are three steps left: 1) research the administrator; 2) pick which village you want to conquer (or in the case of Settlers where you wish to found); 3) capture (found) the village!

If you take a look at your completed Residence, it should look something like this:

Bandgeek's: New Villages

For this particular Residence, they only have the options to train Settlers. However, once you research your administrators, they will appear here, below the Settlers.

What village should I conquer (or found)?
There are several types of villages in Travian. All of these are important to the game play. Picking a village to make a part of your empire (or valley) is a very important decision that you have to make based on what you intend to achieve, your game style, and of course your tribe. I've listed the types below:

  • Your basic village (4-4-4-6)
  • Lumber dominant (5-3-4-6; 5-4-3-6; 6-3-3-6)
  • Clay dominant (3-5-4-6; 4-5-3-6; 3-6-3-6)
  • Iron dominant ( 3-4-5-6; 4-3-5-6; 3-3-6-6)
  • Crop dominant (1-1-1-15; 3-3-3-9; 4-3-3-7; 3-4-3-7; 3-3-4-7)

Note: (4-4-4-6) refers to the resource tiles being (lumber-clay-iron-crops).

In Travian, we call a Crop dominant village either a 15c, 9c, or 7c.

When you first register an account on any Travian domain and server, you will be started with a basic village, which are the most common, since every new account is started on these. Shown below is a picture of your basic village (with my field levels blurred out):

Bandgeek's: New Villages

All of the basic villages are arranged in this pattern.

Each tribe needs more of a certain resource:

  • Romans need more Iron
  • Gauls need more Clay
  • Teutons need more Lumber

There are a few other factors you need to take into account as well:

  • Your play style (offensive/defensive)--heavier troops usually need more crops
  • What's around your villages
  • How much you explore to find these other villages that are a good distance away
  • How far you're willing to go for it
  • The size of your army and again travel time
  • Defending army's size (for conquering)

You have to take all these factors into account when picking your village, perhaps the most important being the size of your army and the size of the defending army. It's a waste of resources to go against a single village that has more population (and usually more troops) than your entire account has. Just remember that large villages are usually attached to large accounts which usually have large armies to defend their claims, unless of course they're newbs and don't know what they're doing ;). If you try to attack somebody who is clearly bigger than you and out of your league, you'll end up like this poor cartoon bug:

Bandgeek's: New Villages

How do I go about conquering a village?
So you've researched your administrators, got a sizable army, picked a village, and are ready to do some conquering, eh? Well let's discuss how!

You're going to need some Catapults/Trebuchets/Fire Catapults to knock down the defending Residence or Palace and keep it down. The Residence/Palace prevents a village from being conquered. Please note that there are several ways to go about conquering villages with the same result. It's kinda like taking a walk in the park with four or five paths all leading to the fountain in the certain of the park. It depends on how you go about doing. The basic mechanics are the same, but the order of doing them can be altered.

One thing is for sure, though. In order to conquer, the following must happen:

  • Destruction of the Residence/Palace
  • Sweeper waves to clear out any defending troops
  • Destruction of troop building capabilities (optional but helps with the conquering process)
  • Administrator attacks
    • You usually want to send your administrator with an escort to mop any leftover troops
    • It may take several attacks for this to work

Most people send waves of sweepers to suppress troops with the administrator and catapults mixed in. This is probably the most effective method to deal with defenders and to conquer the village.

Why can't I send my Settlers off to found a new village?
If you're getting an error that won't let you send them off, it can be caused by a couple of things, the most common being that you don't have enough Culture Points (CP) or you don't have enough resources to found a new village. You need to send 750 resources with your Settlers in order to found a new village. A list of how many Culture Points are required to found or conquer each new village can be found at this page.

Another reason you might not be able to found a village is a missing rally point. You can't send troops off without a rally point ;)

I've trained my administrator but it does not appear!
If you're experiencing this, don't worry, you're not alone! This is actually a common error. Like any other troop aside from settlers or your most basic troop type (clubbies, legionnaires, and phalanxes) must be researched and then trained separately! You must research administrators in the academy, and then train them in your residency or palace.

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