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Task 05: Hero level

Task Name: Hero level

Description:  Learn how to allocate your hero attribute points.

How to do this task: Click on your hero's picture to go to the overview. On the Attributes page you can change the four different types of attributes the hero has - fighting strength, offensive bonus, defensive bonus and resources. When your hero moves up a level he will have 4 points that can be assigned to one of those four types. When you assign the points you will need to click save. After that the only way to change the points is to use a Book of Wisdom.
The first 4 attributes points you should assign to fighting strength; this will make your hero stronger and will enable him to survive future adventures. Afterwards it's best to assign the points to either fighting strength or to resources to help grow your village faster.

Reward: lumber 190 clay 250 iron 150 getreide.gif110


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