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Task 03: Construct a woodcutter

You will need a lot of resources in order to build up your village, train troops, and grow your empire. First increase your resource production – construct a woodcutter!

  • Open a forest by clicking on it
    • From your main screen click one of the white circles over the forest areas – you have 4 to choose from.
  • Order the construction of a level 1 woodcutter
    • Click the button ‘upgrade to level 1’ before going to click on your guide again to the right.
    • Read more about the woodcutter here.

This is a good start on the way to greater economic power. I’ll just finish the construction for you, so that we can continue.

Your reward: Finish level 1 woodcutter immediately. Click the ‘Collect reward’ button to receive this and continue on.

Task 4

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