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Task 06: Read message

Description: You have just received a message with some helpful hints. Unread messages can be identified by the number above the button. Have a look now.

Task: Open the messages overview and read the taskmaster's message!

How to do this task: Once you get there, you will receive message from taskmaster. See the indicator.

Click the circle and open the message by clicking on the green link symbolising the subject of the message. The subject sould be “Advice for the start of the game”. When you click it, you will open the message and complete the task.

The message has some nice information for you, so read it, if you see it for the first time. If you want to know more about message, follow this link.

Text upon completion: Use messages to communicate with other players. It does always pay out to be calm and polite, even if you are at battle.

Reward: lumber 280 clay 315  iron 200 getreide.gif 145

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