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Task 08: Alliance

Description: Search for allies and join an alliance. If you don't have any contacts yet, check the alliances of players near you or search for an alliance on the forum.

Task: Join an alliance.

How to do this task: There are two ways, how to join an alliance. You can either get an invitation from some alliance leader or establish your own alliance. If there's an invitation, you should be able to see it in the left middle panel displayed bellow hero's information. If you want to create your own alliance, you will need Embassy level 3. If you have it, open the Embassy, fill out the Tag, which is sort of a shortcut to your Alliance name, which is filled bellow.

Fill out both tags and save. If done correctly, you should see a name of the alliance in the alliance panel.

If you are leader, you should find out more about all the options.

Text upon completion: We're off to a great start. The stronger and more active each single player is, the stronger you will be as a team. Have you found out how to report attacks to each other and how to ask for assistance?

Reward: lumber 295 clay 210  iron 235 getreide.gif 185

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