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What is the procedure to transfer Gold?

What is Gold Transfer?

When a gameworld round ends, or you delete your account, you may transfer any unused, purchased Gold that you had left. You will receive an email with a Gold Transfer Link and further instructions.

How exactly is the amount of transferable Gold calculated?

When the gameworld end or your account deletes, any time remaining on your resource bonuses or plus account is converted back to Gold, then the game compares the total amount of Gold left on the account, and the amount of Gold purchased overall during this gameround. You may transfer the lower of those two values.

In other words – you can transfer as much as you had at the end, but not more than what you bought during the round.

Where can I transfer my Gold?

4.6 Gameworlds (any worlds started after the 15th of March 2021): Gold from these gameworlds can be transferred to any other 4.6 gameworld.

Older Gameworlds: special rules may apply. Old local domain servers (for example, French ts1 or German ts4) only allow transfer to other old local domain servers and to the new 4.6 gameworlds.

For example, it is possible to transfer Gold from old French ts1 to another old French gameworld or to any 4.6 gameworld, but not to an old German gameworld.

Where there are special cases (such as special servers, tournaments etc.), the information on transfer into or out of the game world will be listed in the server announcement. There might be gameworlds that do not accept or do not generate Gold Transfer Links at all, such as PTR (Public Test Realm) gameworld.

“One or more players found on a game world excluded by our rules”.

If you see this message when trying to use your Gold Transfer Link, it means that the system found a player or players with the nickname you specified but located on gameworlds where you cannot transfer the Gold due to the rules mentioned above. You may still use the link to transfer Gold to a different gameworld.

How can I transfer my Gold?

You can only do this when the gameworld ends or if you delete your account. At the delete section on your account page (in-game), it will tell you how much Gold you will be able to transfer. If you have recently bought Gold, there may be an additional time delay before you can delete your account; this is for security reasons.

After your account has deleted (once the countdown ends), an email will be sent to the registered email address.

Please Note: Customer Services are not able to override or speed up the deletion process.

If you have any transferable Gold left on your account when a gameworld ends, you will also receive an email.

The Gold Transfer email will contain a link that you can use to transfer your Gold by following the on-screen instructions.

The transfer link that you receive is valid forever until the Gold is transferred. This means that it is possible to wait for a gameworld to restart after it has ended, create a new account, and then transfer your Gold to the new account (as if you are carrying your Gold over from one round to the next). If you do not wish to use the gold transfer link immediately, you should keep it in a safe place where it cannot be accidentally deleted.

Please Note: Customer Services are only able to recreate transfer links for a limited amount of time if you lose them. We would not be able to help you if several months passed. If you have any problems when trying to transfer your Gold, please use the support tool to contact Customer Services, who will be able to assist you.

Please Note: Gold Transfer Emails often go to the spam/trash mailbox or your promotions folder (Gmail particularly). Please check those folders before contacting Customer Services.

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