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So is there any help for a new person like me?

Yup, there sure is!  In the top right hand corner, directly beside the logout button, there is a button that looks like a question mark. If you click this, it will bring up the help interface:

Let’s explain:

FAQ/Answers: This will open a new tab and take you to our official answer page, which is a wealth of knowledge!

Game rules:  This will open the official game rules, that all players are expected to follow.

Contact ingame Support:  This will allow you to contact our dedicated Support Staff if you can’t find an answer to your question elsewhere.

Plus Questions:  If your question is specifically related to a Plus issue or feature, this will put you in contact directly with Plus Support, who will be able to answer your questions.

Forum:  This will take you directly to our forums, where players can converse and share new ideas.  In addition to to the answers, the forums are a wealth of knowledge.

Short instruction:  This will bring up the dialog that you can use to get quick information about Travian, mostly the buildings and troops.

Interface help:  Lastly, this will bring up an overview of the user interface with short descriptions of the different functions.

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