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Guide about heros (by Chirag)


For beginners hero can be used to adventure. He/she may bring some weapons, armory, scrolls, resources etc. As you level up, you will get each 4 point to increase off bonus, def bonus, resource production and hero's strength. The points has to be used up in a balance way. If we tend to use the points only on resources then you hero will frequently die during attacks and adventure because your hero has less strength. Your hero is the most precious warrior as well. It plays a vital role throughout the game.



The level of hero increases with gain in experience. You may earn experience either by adventuring or by sending hero to raid, attack or reinforce other villages and resources. The more you level that more you get powerful.



Heros provide a great help to increase your production. As you level up ,the resources points can be increased and the hourly production will also increase. So maintain the production of your hero as well.


Fighting strength

Your strength of depends on the quantity of the fighting strength it has gained. Your hero may frequently die if it has less fighting strength. So develop your heros fighting strength frequently.



Hero is required to conquer an oasis. With respect to the level of your hero mansion , oasis can be conquered using your hero. Conquering a oasis gives you certain bonus on resource production.



 Make your hero quick level up right from the beginning. Powerful heros containing villages always gains some advantage.

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