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How to call for defence? (by Rezession)

Dear all,

some of us request Def from time to time. From the experience of my last rounds I miss some information given by the requester.

So to make it short, please use the text between - - and - - (filled with information) next time you request defending troops.

For those who think this is bullshit, I write a small explanation why I think this is important to know. The more information you provide in the beginning, the less messages you will have to send later to people explain why and what and when.

- -
When is the first attack and how long they last?
(Expected format: 10:28 UTC+1) - Important: Some people might have changed this to their LOCAL timezone!!!

Who is attacking?

What villages are under attack?
What villages you want to be defended? (don't tell us all!) Choose wise (see explanation!)

Crop production in village(s)?

Granary size?

What troops do you expect to be send?
- -


When is the first attack? Gives people an idea of when they have to be online and when to send/time their troops to arrive at your villages. Keep in mind, we don't all play in Europe/USA/Africa(?) I bet, so people from other timezones might be in bed, send informations as soon as possible!

Who is attacking helps you (us) to see if the hero of the attacker changes his setup (helmet, shield etc.) or maybe increase experience points within the duration of the attack-time (write down enemy hero points as soon as possible and try to always check if it changes/increases points).
If hero changes something within attack, this usually means attacks come without hero and could be fakes.
If you want us to send fakes to attacker, dont forget to tell the village the attacks come from ;)

What villages are under attack? You never can defend all villages if you have 10+ villages and not enough people online by time. This means if someone is coming with catapults, you decide which village is worth to be defended. The more we split Def, the bigger the losses will be if the attack is NOT a fake. Resources grow again, buildings can be rebuild. If your main 15c/9c is under attack, it will be first choice, second Off/Scouting village etc. depending of importance to your account and personal scope. A small mini-def of 200-400 1crop def troops (i.E. Legios, Phalanx) prevent you from being farmed/hit with fakes with 50attacker/20catapult - this would really suck!

Crop production gives people an idea of how many times they have to send you crop (1x, 2x, 3x) and what size of packages.

Granary size should at least be 80k (fully extended Granary). Gives you time and crop send too much will not be for nothing. 15c crop villages usually have more than that - but tell anyways.

What troops you expect gives people an idea of how much crop they have to send and gives you as requester an idea on how much online-time you have to invest (in case using NPC often) to make sure troops don't die on hunger. Also be prepared to NPC resources for crop. Troops of people that help you will die first if crop is in minus. If people notice their troops die for nothing, they will not help again.
Example:: If I know a Roman is attacking you, I will send Haedus due to their strong Horse defending capabilities against Caesaris.

If you expect people to be send half/half, make sure you meet all the requirements mentioned above regarding Granary/Online-Times/Crop production etc. If I send you 3k Haeduans Haeduan and 10k Phalanxe Phalanx this means 19k Crop waste in one hour! Count yourself, see what people tell to send you and if needed, extend Granary!

Be sure you have at least 1 Sitter in the account for the time you can not be online during the attacks! Better is two people (this means also in general).

If you are kind enough to help out, try to make your troops arrive 5-10 minutes BEFORE the attack if possible, this saves us all a lot of crop in case of many attacking waves over a longer period of time!

If you feel like I missed something, feel free to tell me. But please, to make Defending easy for all of us, try to provide as much information as possible. This saves you time to organize and don't waste time by sending individual messages to people that offer you help.

At the end, from what I remember, the timezone on this server is UTC +1 - please all switch it to this timezone. It will cause less confusion and mistakes when talking about time :)

Best regards

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