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Special Game Version: Fire and Sand

Following the tradition of introducing special Travian versions with new features each year, 2017 has seen perhaps the most earth-shattering change of all. For the first time in Travian history, the three classic tribes – the Romans, Teutons and Gauls – were joined by two new factions: the fearsome Huns and the skilled Egyptians!

Each of the new tribes shows up complete with a full set of new units, a special building and a bonus for the hero. All these elements come together to provide players with more opportunities to devise new plans and strategies. Each tribe has its own characteristic strengths and weaknesses. Find out more about them here:


Following the tradition first introduced in the 2014 special, Ancient Europe, and refined the following years, the map in Fire and Sand depicts ancient Europe. But that’s not all – while regular game worlds feature huge maps measuring 801x801 tiles – this time, the map is just a quarter of the size: 401x401 tiles. That means less space to run away, and more action!

Regions, artifacts and winning

The map is divided into regions. Players need to work together in an alliance in order to take control over regions, which allows them to use ancient powers (similar to artifacts in regular version, but not owned by individual players) and gain victory points.

There are no world wonders. The game lasts 200 days, after which the winning alliance is announced, based on the amount of victory points collected during the whole game.

Read more about the regions here – learn how to unlock them, take them under control and use the powers they hold.

Other differences to regular servers:

  • Players can merge troops from their different villages
  • Alliance members can forward troops from other members
  • Trade office bonus is doubled
  • Tournament square bonus is doubled
  • As most of the artifact powers are available in regions, there are no random effects (artifacts of the fool)
  • As there are no artifacts or world wonders, trade routes are limited to a player’s own villages

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