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Village Destruction

What is "Zeroing"

A village is “zeroed” when the population goes down to zero.  The population is removed by attacking with catapults to demolish the buildings and fields and rams to demolish the walls.  
When the village has zero population, it will be destroyed, unless it is one of the following:
- WW Villages
- Village with artefact (only if the artefact was not stolen)
- The player's last remaining village (excluding a WW village)
If the player has other (non-WW) villages: the village will vanish from the map becoming an abandoned valley and is settleable again.  It is often desirable to players clearing the 7x7 around their villages to destroy rivals in this way

How do I demolish a village?
Use Catapults to demolish the building and Rams to destroy the walls.  Each building and field should be attacked until all buildings and fields are destroyed until the village has zero population.
You can find the details on sending Catapults in the Rally Point Overview and how accuracy may be affected by the brewery.

How can I prevent my village from being destroyed?
You should build as many buildings as possible that give population. This is especially important when settling in the grey area (normal servers) to survive the Natars attacks.If the village is your capital, you can also build a Stonemasons house to improve the durability of your buildings

What happens with zeroed villages that cannot be destroyed?

- If it is the player's last (non-WW) village, when the population becomes zero any remaining troops in the village will vanish.  Any troops that are in the training queue would continue training and won't be removed.
- If the village contains an artefact that has not been removed, then the village and troops will not disappear until the artefact has been removed.

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