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The Tides of Conquest – Game Mechanics

Tides of Conquest is the 2021 Annual Special of Travian: Legends. Here’s an overview of its features different to regular new gameworlds. 

Main special features kept from previous Annual Specials: 

  • Ancient Europe map 
  • 87 conquerable regions that produce Victory Points 
  • New conquering system (the tribe of villages does not change on conquest) 
  • Troop forwarding and troop merging 

However, there are no more factions known from Shadow Empires. The game is again won by the best alliance, not a faction. New players start the game around the center of the map. 

What’s new this year? 

Victory Points stored in villages 

By conquering or destroying villages, it is possible to gain, lose or destroy Victory Points. 


You can upgrade a village into a city and get various benefits that let you fortify a strategically important position. 


Cities wall improvement that improve the Rally Point bonus allowing to see enemy unit types. 

Alliance banner

Strengthen your alliance image with a banner that will be visible in various places in-game. Any player can design it using lots of different options, shapes and colours, leadership decides which design to use. 


Map.sql is a file used by various external tools. It contains detailed information about villages on the map and is updated by the game daily. It now contains information about whether the village is a capital, if it’s a city and how many Victory Points it has. 



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