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Central village overview

As a plus member, you have the option to see a central village overview. You can click villages above your village list at the right side, if you have only one village you can add dorf3.php to the to see the overview.


In this screen you can see in the column "Attacks" what sort of troop movements are from this village. If you hold the mouse over the symbol you can see how many movements are active. At the column "Building" you can see how many buildings are queued. Furthermore you can see in "troops" which sort of troops are being trained in the barracks.

At "Resources" over the chart you can see this:


Here you can see how many resources you have in your villages and in total. At the column "Merchants" you see your merchants. The first number means the merchants which are currently available to trade and the second number means all your merchants.

At "Warehouse" you can see the following information about your warehouses:


Under "Culture Points" you will the culture points you produce, which celebrations you are celebrating at the moment and how many settlers/chiefs do you have:


At the last point "Troops" you can find a general overview about your troops (tab "Own troops"):


As well as an overview over the crop consumption (tab "Troops in villages") of the troops in your villages:



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